Our team of teachers

The teaching team of dancesport club Master consists of experienced teachers whose students have achieved high competitive results both in Finland and abroad.

Dance club Master has its own permanent teaching staff that distinguishes it from most other Finnish dance schools and clubs. Teachers regularly attend training courses, take part in congresses and master classes of the World class Stars, and are involved as organizers or jury at national and international dance competitions.


Dance teaching is built according to a special methodology authored by the head teacher of the club, which is aimed at the development of physical qualities and skills required for successful dancing both on the amateur and professional levels.

Sergey Belyaev, MSc Sports

Head teacher of the club, the founder of the club.

World-class dancesport athlete and master of sports of international class, the winner of the numerous international dancesport tournaments. Has dance related experience of 20 years. 


- Judge of the highest national and international categories of the World DanceSport Federation. 

- International Examiner in Dance Sport.

- Member of the Presidium of the International Professional Federation of Dance Sport.

- Vice President and Sports Director of the Federation of Professional Dance Teachers of Finland.


The teacher of sports dances of the highest qualification.

Specialization: sports dances, ballet, jazz.



Specialist in the field of physical culture and sports, candidate of pedagogical sciences, DanceSport coach of the highest qualification (National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health named P. F. Lesgaft, Russia, St. Petersburg).

The author of the innovative methods of teaching DanceSport, several scientific works in the field of training dancers.


Teaching experience

15 years of teaching experience.


Sergey Belyaev is the leading Finnish teacher of dance sport, who during his active teaching career has trained several national Champions in different age categories. His students perform successfully in the tournaments both at the national level and abroad. Among those there are the 3-time World Champions. Currently Sergey is the head coach of Dance club Master  as well as a coach in leading dance schools in Europe and Asia, where he is invited to prepare leading dancers.



Diana Pushkina, PhD

Diana Pushkina

A creative and caring teacher, whose hallmark is to find an individual approach and a "key" to each student.


Diana is a teacher of DanceSport in the Latin American and Western-European programs. Teaching in the club since 2010 and one of the co-founders of the club.


Presidium member of the Professional Division of Finnish Dancesport Federation.


Dance Experience

European champion in Country-Western linedance Championships 2001, numerous winner and finalist of national and international Country-Western linedance Championships, the finalist of national championships in the dancesport in Latin American program.


Certificates of professional knowledge

Training the trainers DanceSport (Taso 1 Nuori Suomi) Dance Sport Federation of Finland;

WDSF Academy Workshop 2011;

WDSF PD Academy Workshop 2012;

Course for the professional dance teachers at the Federation of Professional dance teachers in Finland 2013;

National Congress of coaches and referees Dance Sport Federation of Finland in 2014 and 2015.


Teaching experience

15 years


While working in the club Diana Pushkina has trained a lot of dancers and dance couples, who have successfully participated in national tournaments, including the finalists, winners and category winners in Juveniles and Juniors, as well as the national champions in the age group of Juvenile 1 and Juvenile 2. Juvenile team taught by Diana Pushkina has won the title of best Finnish Juvenile team several times.

Veronika Jukic

Initiative, full of joy and at the same time very demanding of her students. High intensity is a staple of Veronika's classes. She is a teacher who will always reach set goals.


Teacher at Dancesportclub Master since 2012. Veronika is a teacher of Latin American and show dancing as well as dancesport. She is responsible for the teaching of childrens classes in the club.

A member of the Professional Division of Finnish Dancesport Federation.


Dance Experience

Started studying dancing in Karelia at the age of 7, continued dancing in St. Petersburg and in Finland. Finalist of several Latin american tournaments on a national level.


 Certificates of professional knowledge

Specialist in the field of adaptive Physical culture (National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health named P. F. Lesgaft, Russia, St. Petersburg).

IDO course, professional bellydance teachers,

Course for the professional dance teachers at the Federation of Professional dance teachers in Finland,

National Congress of coaches and referees Dance Sport Federation of Finland in 2014 and 2015.


Teaching experience

10 years

Veronicas students are many couples who take leading positions in national tournaments and championships.

Vladislav Moshanin

Vladislav Moshanin

Scrupulousness and meticulousness is what distinguishes the lessons of Vlad, who achieves from students the ideal performance of technical tasks.


Teacher of the dance and sports club "Master" in the European and Latin American dance program.

Vladislav actively dances and represents our club at international tournaments in dance sports with Evgenia Neparidze.


Dance experience.

He started dancing in his childhood in the city of Petrozavodsk. Has the highest sports category of "Master of Sports" in sports dances. The finalist of many international competitions in Latin American dances. In a couple with Evgenia Neparidze they are one of Finland's leading dance couples in the adult category.


Certificates of professional knowledge

Petrazovodsk State Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Pedagogical experience

10 years

Dmitry Borovsky

Dmitri Borovski

Dmitry is Master's top athlete and active competitive dancer, as well as the club's young coach.

He teaches children and junior dancers and leads Solo Latin group for adults. Dmitry’s successful dance career creates a strong foundation and base for teaching, and guarantees extensive knowledge of the sport.

In Dmitri's lesson, you will master the techniques and learn the beautiful elements and lines of the body.

Alisa Alexandrova

_DSC6047-Edit copy.jpg

Alisa is positive, skilled and hard-working top athlete and dance teacher at Master.

Alisa specializes in Latin Dances, and has won the Finnish Championship in Latin Dances and placed in top 3  in several international competitions.

Аlisa is really organised, passionate and systematic and she teaches child and junior dancers with all her heart.

She also has a lot of experience teaching the youngest children in the family, under school aged kids. 

Taja Soiko

Taja Soiko

Taja is positive, motivating and disciplined ballet teacher.

Her systematic and hard work is positively reflected in the stunning dance performances of her students.

Taja's professionalism creates an opportunity for everyone to learn the technical features of ballet, acquire beautiful body foundations and develop to the top as a ballet dancer.

Taja has years of experience in teaching children, juniors, young people and adults.


Certificates of professional competence:

Degree from the Vaganon Ballet Academy

Laura Mäkinen

Laura Mäkinen.jpg

Laura is inspiring, spontaneous and energetic with big passion for dancing, that can be seen when she is teaching. Laura’s strengths are creativity and musicality and she is specialised in Ballroom. Laura is 6 times Finnish Champion and Northern European Champion in Standard dances. She has also experience in other dance directions and she is teaching all ages from kids to seniors. 


Certificates of Professional Knowledge:

Nuori Suomi Koulutus 2012

Dance Sport Federation educations: 1)Start & direction 2012, 2)Level 2D Standard dances 2017

Anton Kurttila


Anton always sees the best and strongest sides of his students. Positivity and high motivation are the cornerstones of his personal teaching approach. A teacher of Dance Sport Club Master and a competing dancer, Anton is a teacher of European dancing program.


Dance experience.

Currently Anton and his pair are active dancers of our club. 10-dance champion Anton and his couple are among the best European program dancers in Finland. Together they have won and been in many finals of national and international competitions and tournaments.

Teaching experience

8 years

Nina Anderson

Strong emotional connection and passion are something that are always present at a lesson held by Nina. Diving inside the process of dancing with a combination of passion make her classes very intensive and productive. Nina's every class is like a storm of passion and emotion for both the students and the teacher.

Dance Sport Club Master's Nina is a teacher of European and Latin dances.

At the moment Nina together with he partner are among the leading dancers in European dance program amongst adults. Nina together with her partner have had success in being at the top spots and winning national and international competitions and tournaments.

Teaching experience

10 years