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This is a chance for people of any age to learn to move beautifully and become more confident and liberated. If earlier there were only groups for children, now there is a possibility to learn ballroom dancing in a group for adults.

Why do people become involved in ballroom dancing? For a variety of reasons: someone needs to get rid of complexes and self-doubt, someone is trying to escape from life's troubles, someone looking for a soul mate, someone needs cheerful company, someone just wants to learn to move gracefully.


But, whatever brings man to school, he quickly feels drawn into the world of beauty, music, the harmony of movement. In fact, there are very many benefits of ballroom dancing in front of other leisure and entertainment.


Firstly, in terms of medicine, physical loads during a class of ballroom dancing provide optimum training for heart, blood vessels, muscles and joints of the body. Dancing develop correct posture and contribute to the improvement of the spine. Amazing low traumatism of dancing lessons can allow 4-year-olds and pensioners to participate group lessons.

Besides, dancing helps to become fit. Within a month of the school dances you'll be pleasantly surprised by a couple of the missing pounds, tightened press, strengthened the muscles in the legs and arms. 


Secondly, the dance helps to develop a sense of confidence. They make a man braver and more open. Helps you learn to move freely to any music. A keyword, that characterizes the behaviour of a person who knows how to dance, is Freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of communication, freedom of thought. Dancing eliminate the complexes and stereotypes that help to treat difficulties of life easier.


Third, ballroom dancing forms the aesthetic taste and beautiful gait. People who know how to walk nicely are seen from afar. They attract attention want. If you will learn to dance, then sure you can walk nicely.

In addition, you must have often seen how interesting and unordinary people of art can look, stage presence, even at quite an ordinary appearance. This is special secret, which ballroom dancing will help you to discover. If you are interested in DancesSport or ballroom dancing lessons, you can learn in the dance studio of club "Master".

Our teachers will help you learn how to dance, to join the team, as well to find a suitable dance partner.

Learn more about our Adult Ballroom courses from "Adult Classes".

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