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Why Master?

Many people dream of learning how to dance, but choosing a suitable school is not so easy.

In the age of Internet marketing, almost every dance school has a beautiful site, photos and screaming texts about their place being the best.


In practice, after deeper and better acquaintance, it turns out that the photographs are not from the school, the texts are not original, and the results are few.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a dance school, when your eyes are scattered from the flamboyant advertising.

In this respect, we know what we publish.

In our opinion, several points are important to choose the right place:


First - Result.


You can talk a lot about excellent training, but the results always speak for themselves.

It is important to check what the dancers from a chosen school have achieved before the choice falls on this school.

"The high result of our students is not an isolated case and luck, but the pattern."

Dancesport club "Master" is distinguished by the author's system of dance training, which allows dance learning even for those who do not have special inclinations for dancing.

Our words are confirmed by the numerous results of the dancers who grew up within the walls of the club. They have won numerous competitions at championships and the club's teams have repeatedly become champions of Finland.

Learn more about our achievements ...


Second - Teachers.


"The fundamentals laid down at the initial stage remain for life"

"Teacher is not a profession, but a calling" - it is on this principle that we select our pedagogical staff.

Often, many schools publish a long list of "their" teachers, which certainly attracts some attention. In fact, the more pedagogical staff, usually the worse is the result.

In fact, many teachers work in several dance schools at once. One hour here, another there. Such an approach does not create a responsibility of the teacher for his work and does not allow the school to develop a good teaching methodology.

In fact, a strong dance teacher is precious, and especially in Finland. If the school has a large number of teachers, then this is a reason for a doubt.

We do not seek for a large list of teachers. All teachers of Master work exceptionally in our school full employed, which allows us to form a uniform method of teaching in the club, monitor the work of teachers, improve their qualifications. Our senior teachers have a unique for Finland pedagogical experience and education. During the years of work they brought up leading dancers of Finland.

More about our teachers ...

Third - Place
Dancing involves not only freedom of thought, but also freedom of movement.
Comfortable conditions for employment are by no means the very last when choosing a school.
As a rule, most schools do not have a permanent place of teaching, renting the halls in different places. This makes it difficult to build systematic training and certainly does not promote team work and a good exchange of information.
Small dance studios, low floor quality affect not only the comfort, but also the health of those involved.
One of our priorities was to create a better place, specialized for dancing!
To date, the dance studio "Master", is the largest not only in Helsinki, but throughout Finland.
The 1,000 sq. meter studio includes
4 spacious halls, covered with high-quality parquet, which provide both high adhesion to the floor and the necessary slip for making turns, reduce the load on the knee joints during dance classes.
All the halls are equipped with ballet barres, large mirrors and a modern audio system.
There is a spacious entrance hall with a waiting room, 4 toilet rooms and a shower.
The club's office and a dance shop are situated in the same building, which allows you to find out what's interesting for you on the spot, get the necessary information and buy dance goods (such as shoes).
More about our studio ...
Fourth - Prospects
Master is not just a dance school, it is a family of creative people, which constantly moves forward and does not stagnate. Each activity should have a further implementation.
The club's staff annually organizes projects of various levels within club, national and international.
The club is the largest organizer of dance events in Finland. In addition to numerous concerts and competitions, for already 5 years the club has been organizing the largest dance event in Finland and one of the largest in the world - the Open Championship of Finland and the Grand Slam series in dancesport, traditionally held in Messukeskus, which gathered more than 1500 dancers from about 35 countries.
More about our events ...
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