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Since beginning, our common dream has been to have a place that would have all the necessary conditions that would support our teacher's teaching and our student's high quality learning. A place that would give us the opportunity to create new dance groups and stars. 


For the past 5 years our organization has been realizing this dream. After 5 years and 3 different places this dream has finally come true. Our modern studio «Master» is one of the biggest studios in the country.


Our 1000 square meter studio has:

  • 4 modern, spacious dance halls, which have flexible wooden parquet as their surface. This surface eases the pressure that is applied on the legs of dancers. Modern audio system also brings in a taste of comfort into your practice.


  • Mirrors on the walls of our dance halls ensure that you can follow your own movement and see yourself while you train.


  • 4 spacious dressing rooms


  • 4 bathrooms and a shower


  • A spacious entry hall, where you can watch dance videos and use our coffee machine


  • Dance equipment store, where you can find dance shoes and other dance related equipment


Our studio is located between the center and the East side of Helsinki in Herttoniemi. More specifically it is located in between Herttoniemi and Siilitie metro stations. There is a lot of parking space around the studio. More specific information on how to get to our studio here:

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