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Dance Sport Club "Master" is the largest children's dance club in Finland and the leader in the field of dance education. The club is a multiple winner of Finnish championships among children's and junior teams. Children's and junior dance couples of the club occupy the leading places in national competitions and championships in Finland. At the moment the club is the leader in the field of children's and junior dancing in Finland.

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The club offers dance teaching in various areas for children of all ages. The club has both solo and couple dance children's dance directions.

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The main activity of the club is dancesport. Many of those who start dancing at early age remain in dancing for many years, passing the path from children's and junior dancing to youth and adults, and for many dancers it becomes a fabulous dance career.

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Dance classes are conducted by leading experts in the field of dance education in Finland. The pedagogical team of the club includes specialists with the highest pedagogical dance education, leading dancers, Finnish champions, international dancers.

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