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ABC of Dance

Preparatory groups for 4-6 year old children

Class program:

Aims at formation and development of physical qualities necessary for dancing: development of coordination, plasticity and sense of rhythm, building the muscular corset of a child.


During the lessons, the children are taught the basis of dancing, the basic dance movements and choreographic links and their ability to work in a group is formed.


Lesson structure is formed out of 3 main parts:


1st part – Warm Up – specialized complex coordination exercises aimed at developing coordination and plasticity.

2nd part - Actual Lesson - is studying and improvement in basics of classical choreography, dance technique, dance steps and ligaments.

 3rd part – Stretching – aimed at the development of plasticity and mobility in the joints.


After mastering the course program, the child can move to the next level of complexity in training.


Detailed information on the levels of development program in club Master…


Schedule and entry for beginners in 2024:

Timetable for the Spring season 8.1.2024 - 19.6.2024 
Monday and Wednesday

Timetable for the Spring season 9.1.2024 - 20.6.2024 
Tuesday and Thursday

Timetable for the Spring
season 14.1.2024 - 23.6.2024

5.30 - 6.15 pm (Beginner class)
75€ / month (4 weeks, 8 times)

5:30 - 6:15 pm (Beginner class)
75€ / month (4 weeks, 8 times)

11:00 - 11:45 am (Beginner class)
49€ / month (4 weeks, 4 times)

Membership fee 35€ per year.

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