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Tanssiklubi Master ry is a member of Finnish Dance Sport association. Established in 2010 dance club Master has become one of the most dynamic training clubs for dance sportsmen in Finland and one of the best dance clubs in the country.


Our main purpose is to support dancers in their development and offer high quality training in different forms of dancing. The main dance sport activity and teaching in our club is competitive dancing (Latin and European dances) for children and adults.


Dance club Master is a young and active dance sport organization, which already united the majority of young dancesport members among children and juniors in Helsinki. Our aim is to enable active practice and good results in the art of dance right from the start.


During the time of its existence Dance Club Master has gathered and formed one of the strongest teacher's team in the country. This group of professionals has trained and brought up numerous professional dancers during their careers. Our tight entry policies and criteria ensure that only the best available trainers and teachers join us. Throughout the history of our club's existence through harsh training and a lot of experience some of our students have become part of our staff as well.


Our team of teachers work according to a mutually shared teaching program. Specially designed methodology, which has been created by our club’s leader, ensures that students who take part in the program get better results faster at all stages of their dancing and all levels of training.

Teaching technique is based on the development of physical attributes that a dancer will need at different stages of his or her development. This teaching method also includes practice that advances skills and abilities, which are required in order to execute successful dance choreographies.

In addition to learning dance movements and choreographies, the physical condition is greatly improved in the learning process. You learn to feel and use every part of your body, develop flexibility, memory, coordination and a sense of rhythm.


We believe that the progress of each school or teaching institution is estimated by the achievements of its own students. Today Dance Sport Club Master’s students are among the best dance performers in Finland.


• During the time of the club’s existence there have been hundreds of different people studying the art of dance at our facility.


• Many of Dance Club Master’s students actively participate in regional, national and international competitions, ranking at the top places in these competitions.


• Among the students of our club you can find multiple-times Finnish champions in different age categories, world champions in the Senior category and many students performing highly at national, international and regional competitions.


• Our dance teams have won the Finnish championships many times.


In 2015 our clubs dancers won 3 golden medals out of 4 possible ones at a national level in Finland. In 2016 our club had the best dance teams in Finland.


Dance Sport Club Master is an undeniable leader in children’s competitive dance training. Our club’s children’s dance teams have won the Finnish championships multiple times. Our young dancers and dance couples are among the strongest in Finland due to the teaching methodology that is applied at our studio.


Currently our club has the biggest dance studio in Finland at its service. More specifically the size of the studio is 1000 square meters. This modern dance studio consists of 4 dance halls well equipped for dance teaching and training.


In addition to being an organizer of many non competitive dance events our club is an active organizer of national and international competitions.


The club organizes many internal events for its students and their parents. Among these events there are annual Christmas concert, demonstrative performances and internal competitions. The aim of these events is to prepare our youngest and most inexperienced members for later challenges. The club also organizes several national competitions during the year.

The main event that our club organizes, however, is ”Finnish Open Dance Sport Championships” – competition, which is the largest dance event in Finland as well as one of the 6 biggest and most recognized tournaments in the world. During this event approximately 2000 dancers from around the world representing more than 45 countries gather in Helsinki exhibition and convention center to compete. This event is annually documented by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.

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