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Finland Open is the largest project of our club and simultaneously the biggest dance event ever held in Finland. This is the largest competitive dance tournament, with competitors of different ages from all over the world. The man behind the idea is Sergey Belyaev the head teacher of the club, who in 2013 along with Diana Pushkina held the first Finland Open in Vantaa Energia arena.


The success of the competition was phenomenal. Previously international tournaments never attracted so many international dancers.


In 2014 our club successfully negotiated the event to be held in the largest expo and convention centre in the country Messukeskus. Since 2014 Finland Open has been held in Messukeskus as part of the sports and outdoor events GoExpo.


The 2-day tournament got even bigger in 2015 as Sergey Belyaev negotiated with the World DanceSport Federation for the right of Finland Open to host the most prestigious dance competition WDSF GrandSlam 2015-2017.


The first WDSF GrandSlam held in Finland was stunning. This is all because of the efforts of Dancesport club Master.


The representatives of the World DanceSport Federation appreciated the level of organization of the event.

Finland Open official website


Information about the tournament on the GoExpo website


Finland Open 2015 program booklet


Official facebook group

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