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Fitness Latin for adults is the most beautiful and energetic direction of dance aerobics, where in addition to good physical activity, you acquire dance skills and get acquainted with a wide range of dance moves.


The whole lesson goes on in the movement for the fiery and sensual rhythms of Latin American dances, specially selected by the best Latin American DJs. The lesson will use exclusive tracks that you will not hear elsewhere. Classical music in modern processing and completely new Latin American music.


In the first part of the lesson, we warm our body to moderate rhythms of salsa and merengue, then we increase the tempo and dynamics of dance movements to the dynamic rhythms of Brazilian samba, cha cha and jive, in the final part of the lesson we slow down the pace to bring the body back to normal using and normalizing breathing, performing beautiful dance moves under the sensual music of the Cuban rumba.

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You do not need training and dance experience in order to start Fitness Latina! The beginning may seem a little difficult for beginners, but after a few lessons you will join the pace of the lessons and feel the undoubted benefit!


The lesson is a wonderful cardio training, which helps increase metabolism and improves blood circulation. By means of training, proper posture is formed, mobility in the joints increases, muscles of the arms, legs, back and stomach and buttocks are tightened.


And of course this is not only a form of health promotion, but also self-expression! Beautiful music and beautiful energetic dance moves will cause beautiful emotions that will stay with you.

Schedule and entry in Autumn 2024:

Wednesday at 7.30 - 8.30 pm

The season lasts from -

No classes: -


---€ / Autumn season (-- classes).

Membership fee is included to the course payment.

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