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In Solo Latin class you can enjoy the rhythms of Latin American dances. In class, you develop your coordination through a variety of exercises while you enjoy legendary Latin songs. This course develops both your technical skills as well as the beautiful foundations of your body movement. You get to enjoy dancing, develop your individual skills, and find your own personal style to perform as dancer.   

Lesson structure:  

- warm up, targeted at helping the movement of difficult coordination exercises

- dance part, within it we study various dances, dance movements and choreographies

- after the active dance part, we perform slow jazz excersises and stretching excersises to return our bodies to normal. 

Schedule and entry for SPRING 2024:


Solo Latin (advanced)

Sunday at 1:00 - 2:00 pm 

The season lasts from 14.1.2024 to 26.5.2024

No classes: 31.3.2024, 28.4.2024 

Solo Latin (beginners)

Sunday at 2:00 - 3:00 pm 

The season lasts from 17.3.2024 to 2.6.2024

No classes: 31.3.2024, 28.4.2024 


125€ / Autumn season (10 classes).

Membership fee is included to the course payment.

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