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The wedding dance is considered the most wonderful and romantic part of the wedding ceremony.


It is one of the most important moments of the day. Of cource you want it to be beautiful. Afterall, these are the events you will have fond memories of for years to come.

Your success depends on how profecionally the organization of your dance is carried out. Our profeccional dancers and teachers will help you in your learning.

The dance lessons will be one-on-one, at times best suited to you, at our dance studio.

The ideal is to start learning the dance 4 weeks before the wedding. In this time you will learn all the dance-steps and commit them to muscle memory, so that by the time of the wedding you will be able to enjoy your wedding dance without worrying about your steps.


• Classic wedding dance

• Original wedding dance - something unusual

• Express arrangement

• Arrangement of a dance for an anniversary

• Daces for the friends of the newlyweds (dance of the groomsmen, dance of the bridesmaids, combined dance)

• A dance including professional dancers


Consultation by phone:   0409617662


Details of the choreography making:

The lessons take place in one of the halls of the studio of our dance school at the address: Mekaanikonkatu 3B 00800 Helsinki.

The number of lessons for the wedding performance depends on the complexity of dance and tasks assigned to the choreographer.


As a rule, the making of dance / choreography takes from 3 to 5 lessons, depending on the complexity of the choreography and the level of the performers.


The first lesson is a consultation where you meet with a choreographer, tell about your vision and wishes. Pick up music or give your own, if already available. Together with the choreographer you formulate the final idea of ​​the wedding performance.


We also provide services for the selection and mixing the music / tracks for your performance.

The next stage is the learning of choreography. It takes 2 lessons or more, depending on how fast you learn the material.


You dance choreography with music and record it on a video.

3rd stage.


This stage you choose at will. If you want to work out the choreography delivered to a certain level, then you take additional lessons. The choreographer helps you to master the material, to dance it in the right tempo and to get into music, helps to cope with technical and choreographic tasks.

The cost of the basic package is 250 euros


1-lesson consultation

Preparation of choreography

2 rock to choreography.

(The cost includes the cost of renting a room in which lessons take place)

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