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Show Dance knows no limits! It includes learning a wide variety of dances and techniques.


Learning body control – is the goal that is set for most of the students in this group. Developing coordination, plasticity, sense of rhythm and the ability to express oneself in dance. After acquiring the ability to control your body, you are able to easily learn many different dance styles, which we teach during this course. The dances are: modern dance, street dance, Latino-American dances, acrobatics and jazz.


 Those who have successfully mastered the course program will be able to move to the next level, where they can participate in various dance events. For those who are interested, there are dance events and competitions with solo and group show acts.

Schedule and entry for Autumn 2022:

Show Dance 11+ (Advanced)

Timetable for the Autumn season 8.8.2022 - 21.12.2022

Monday + Wednesday 5.30-6.30 pm 

90€/month (4 weeks, 8 times)

Membership fee 12,5€ per season. (Autumn- and spring season yearly).

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